Call for Collaboration Proposals
Submission Deadline November 13th 2020

Events like IROS and its workshops are the places where we meet new people, where we are able to exchange ideas and maybe even start new collaborations. In fact, the organization of this workshop started with encounters that first happened at IROS some years ago.

Inspired by this, we want to foster the collaboration between participants of our workshop having all levels of experience (from students to professors, from industry and academia). To bring potential collaborations closer to reality, we are making a call for collaborative projects. The winning proposal will receive a scholarship (1000-1500 USD), which can be used to:

  • Support an exchange activity between two laboratories, for instance by funding a plane ticket
  • Exchange research materials (covering shipping costs), etc.
  • Support the publication fees of an article
  • Other uses that foster collaborative activities (need to be specified and justified in the proposal)

To apply, you have to write a small proposal (1 page, for a template click here). The proposals will be evaluated by an independent jury based on:

  • Relevance to the workshop topics: proximity sensing, cognitive perception for tactile and proximity sensing, multi-modal sensor fusion and exploration, etc.
  • Interdisciplinarity of the team: for instance one expert in hardware, another expert in machine learning
  • Description of the use of the price money

iros2020-workshop [at]

Call for Papers

Click here to download the Call for Papers as PDF.

All prospective participants can aim at presenting novel results with posters in the poster and demo session. Additionally, we provide PhD-students the opportunity to present their work through short talks in a forum.

Submission for poster session or PhD forum:
Submission of a paper with a length of 2 pages (maximum 3 pages). Novel ideas/experimental results are required for acceptance of the paper. Click here to download the LaTex-Template (IEEE template with marking for the workshop)If you submit your paper for the PhD forum, please indicate that you are PhD student.
All submissions will be reviewed using a single-blind review process. Submissions must be sent in PDF to:

iros2020-workshop [at]

indicating [IROS 2020 Workshop] in the e-mail subject.

Accepted Papers will be published at the open access repository KITopen under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND).


Topics of Interest

  • Proximity Sensors
  • Multi-Modal Sensors (tactile, shear, vibration, vision, etc.)
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Robotic Skins (architectures)
  • Application Domains for Proximity Sensors
    • Human-Robot Interaction
    • Human-Robot Collaboration
    • Preshaping and Grasping
    • Haptic Exploration
    • Assistive Robots
    • Prosthetics
    • Collision Avoidance
    • Teleoperation with Proximity Sensing
    • Intuitive Robot Programming, Human-Robot Interface
    • Multi-Modal Control
    • Sensor Fusion
    • Underwater Robotics
  • Bridging from Tactile Perception to Proximity Perception
  • Bio-Inspired Robotics
  • Multi-Modal Sensors for Soft Robotics