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Research Participants

Christian Duriez

(Inria Lille)

Model-based Sensing for Soft Robotics

- A Model-based Sensor Fusion Approach for Force and Shape Estimation in Soft Robotics:

- FEM-Based Kinematics and Closed-Loop Control of Soft Robots:

Inverse kinematics of soft robots with contact handling:

Edward Cheung


Yale Sensor Skin (whole arm collision avoidance, teleoperation, etc.)

- Yale Sensor Skin:

Andrea Cherubini


Multi-modal Perception for physical Human-Robot Interaction

- Haptic object recognition using a robotic hand:

- Collaborative dual arm manipulation:

Tamim Asfour


Multi-modal Sensing for Semi-Autonomous Grasping in Prosthetics Hands

- Sensor-Based Semi-Autonomous Control of Prosthetic Hands:

University of Klagenfurt and Joanneum Research ROBOTICS

Radar Sensors in Collaborative Robotics

- Radar Sensors in Collaborative Robotics:

TU Chemnitz

Gripper with Proximity Sensors

Collision Avoidance with Proximity Sensors

- Collision Avoidance with Proximity Servoing for Redundant Serial Robot Manipulators:

- TUC RHMi 3F Gripper


CoSys Lab

3D Sonar

- Predicting LiDAR Data from Sonar Images:

- High speed video with acoustic intensity overlay of a bat (A. Pallidus) capturing a scorpion:

- eRTIS Live Demonstration @ IEEE Sensors 2019:


Kazuhiro Shimonomura

(Ritsumeikan University)

Vision-based tactile sensor

- Robotic bolt insertion and tightening based on in-hand object localization and force:

- Robotic grasp control with high-resolution combined tactile and proximity sensing:

- Roller-shaped tactile image sensor:

- Event-based tactile image sensor:

Industrial Participants

Toyoda Gosei


- e-Rubber product page (including videos):


Blue Danube Robotics


- BDR homepage:

- BDR YouTube Channel: